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Double check your to-do list and make sure prayer and praise has a permanent slot several times on there. You have time, try it and see. I mean after all, God had time to wake you up and make sure you could see, think, move, and breathe and I can guarantee His to-do list is WAY longer than any of ours. #goodmorning #ninasmorninginspiration #God #life #lordhelpus #keepgoing #keeppraying #keeppraising #message #mercy #grace #power #peace #prayer #praise #prettygirlspraise #awesome #faith #bible #blessed #amen

It’s rhetorical, but certainly something to think about. It’s makes a huge difference. The more idle time you have to do the wrong things, the less time you have to consider or do the right things. We have choices, which is a blessing in itself, but let strive to make the right choices. I mean you do have something to praise God for, right? Even with life’s imperfections, HALLELUJAH ANYHOW!!! 馃檶馃檶 God deserves our praise and by it making the devil mad, I’m praise God even more! #goodmorning #ninasmorninginspiration #praise #God #prayer #power

God is just SO GOOD! I knew it, but my pastor reiterated it yesterday and when you reflect you really notice it. Like when you think about all that could have happened but didn’t, you couldn’t dare take credit for such amazing blessings. The fact that you woke up, are still awake, you know people that you love that are awake, people have made it to and from destinations, it’s really amazing. God is SO GOOD! #goodmorning #ninasmorninginspiration #motivation #keepgoing #keeppraying #keeptrusting #blessed #thankful #awesome #life #praise #prayer #power #love #prettygirlspraise #amen

Your actions often reflect your knowledge. Knowing the meaning of a “friend” everyone isn’t my “friend”. Witnessing the actions of others, I’m not everyone’s “friend”. I call Jesus my friend, everyone can’t be called the same title I call Jesus. Back in the day I had hundreds of friends, today I only have a few friends. I’m SO okay with that! Thank you Lord for the ability to keep learning while living! 馃檶馃檶馃檶馃檶 #thankful #life #lessons #keepgoing #keeploving #ImStillAwesome #ImStillBlessed #friends #foes #LifeIsGood

Love yourself. Don’t require love from others more than you desire to have it within. Stop settling for likes and lust when you deserve love. Be careful, loving someone more than they love themselves or more than you love yourself. Spread love. Love God. Love the potential in you and the promises from God for you. Love yourself, flaws and all. Love. #love #live #life #laugh #keepgoing #keeppraying #keeploving

This is my prayer and since I’m letting you in on my conversation with God, I’ll even let you know why this is my prayer.

I’m scared. I don’t want to be, I shouldn’t be, I know what I know, I know who I know, I know who has my back if no one else does, I know what He has promised, but I’m still scared. It’s something I struggle with, but it’s also something I have to get over. It’s been a bible study topic time and time again, I’ve read scriptures related to this time and time again, but I’m still scared. I am encouraged heavily by people I know and it’s still not enough to align my actions with my thoughts and words. I can encourage everyone else, help other people here and there, help build their dreams, then I carry on to put mines in a box in my closet because I’m scared. I can encourage the world (well whomever wants to read my lengthy captions 馃槀) daily then turn around and not encourage myself. I have great potential, knowledge, and drive. I know that God hears my prayers and I know that He is working on me. So I’m going to be obedient and really tune my heart, ears, and minds to His direction. He didn’t give me the spirit of fear, I don’t want to live with the spirit of fear, I want to do His will and be successful and a testimony to just how good God is with my words AND actions being aligned with one another. If this is your prayer too, don’t give up. God loves us enough to not give up on us and continue to work on and in us. We must seek His strength to overcome any excuse and reasoning fear derives, rather than our on strength. #keeppraying There is power in prayer and I’m glad about it! #goodmorning #ninasmorninginspiration #praise #power #prayer #keepgoing #keeppraying #keeptrusting #faith

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